• Nine monitoring wells are scheduled to be installed adjacent to the Delton Road Infiltration Basin (“Jones Property”) starting in March.  These monitoring wells will allow for better understanding of the movement of infiltrated water once pumping from Upper Crooked Lake to the Infiltration Basin begins in Spring 2020.  These were requested by EGLE because of citizen concerns.
  • A second pipe was installed under Delton Road during the week of February 17, 2020. This pipe will serve as a second line to withdraw water from Upper Crooked Lake once pumping begins in Spring 2020. This will increase water removal from the Lake.
  • A permit application that proposes to pump water from the Delton Road Infiltration Basin to the south end of the Cloverdale Chain of Lakes and make improvements to the outlets of Cloverdale Lake and Long Lake is currently in process with EGLE. EGLE issued a correction request to the original application submission and a response to this correction request was submitted on February 4, 2020. 
  • The Barry County Board of Commissioners adopted resolutions on February 11, 2020 authorizing preliminary studies on the feasibility of establishing normal lake levels on Cloverdale Lake and Long Lake. Feasibility studies were submitted to the Barry County Board of Commissioners on February 13, 2020. The Board of Commissioners voted to initiate the establishment of a normal lake level for Long Lake and Cloverdale Lake on February 25, 2020.
  • GEI Consultants was retained in January 2020 to perform engineering services for the Watson Drain and Cloverdale Drain projects. Both projects will remain under the leadership of Brian Cenci, as he and a group of colleagues transitioned to GEI Consultants in January from their previous firm.
  • A lawsuit from Upper Crooked Lake property owners against the Watson Drain Drainage District was dismissed in Barry County Circuit Court in December. The date for appeal by the plaintiffs has since passed.
  • Two culverts were installed under Orchard Road in January to allow for the water level in the wetlands on each side of the road to return to their natural state of equilibrium, which will be included in the Watson Drain at the end.
  • The Drain Commissioner’s office assisted Pleasant Lake property owners in cleaning out culverts under North Bay Road in January to help facilitate flood relief to the lake.