Watson Drain

Seasonal limitations on water level alternations for the Delton Road Infiltration Basin were lifted on April 8th. The lifting of restrictions will allow for a higher rate of floodwater to be pumped off Upper Crooked Lake to the Basin. Water level alterations are typically restricted until the end of April. A special thanks to Matt Diana, DNR, and Audrie Kirk, EGLE, for facilitating a quick review.

A permit modification form was submitted to EGLE on April 7th to increase the size of the water withdrawal from Upper Crooked Lake that was originally permitted in May 2019. This larger withdrawal will also allow for a higher rate of pumping from Upper Crooked Lake to the Delton Road Infiltration Basin.

Shallow Lake

The easements necessary for this project have been acquired and a permit application has been submitted to EGLE.

Cloverdale Drain/Watson Drain

Public Notice has been issued by EGLE regarding the submitted permit application that proposes to pump water from the Delton Road Infiltration Basin to the south end of the Cloverdale Chain of Lakes and make improvements to the outlets of Cloverdale Lake and Long Lake.

A special thanks to Audrie Kirk, Kelsey Krupp and the rest of the EGLE Water Resources staff for their assistance.

2 thoughts on “APRIL UPDATES

  1. Thank you. I wish you would use this site more often as it’s a great way to keep the community aware of these important projects.

  2. When did you decide it was ok to change the name of the project ? Because last year it was a retention pond… Now we’re calling it an infiltration basin, next it’ll be Jones lake it is in fact referred to in egle plans now as ‘area of proposed lake”

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