Survey, Engineering, and Monitoring Activities:

  1. Survey of properties, including finished floor (FF) elevations, around the Lake was completed to identify flood-prone structures.  This information will be utilized to determine feasible outlet elevations for the Pine Lake Control Structure.
  2. Groundwater monitoring wells have been measured on a weekly basis to determine baseline groundwater elevations in the vicinity of Pine Lake.
  3. Staff Gauges have been installed on Pine Lake and Shelp Lake and have been measured on a weekly basis.

Ecological Testing:

  1. Flow monitoring of downstream receiving waters was conducted in May and June of 2020.  The monitoring was done to ensure that the outlet design for Pine Lake does not negatively impact downstream receiving waters including the Gratop Drain, Gun River and the natural water courses just west of Pine Lake.
  2. Water Sampling including temperature and nutrient (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) testing was performed on Pine Lake, Gratop Drain, and Gun River.  Nutrient levels were not detected in Pine Lake while the Gratop Drain and Gun River showed noticeable levels of nutrients within their water courses.

Doster Road Pond Testing:

At the last public information meeting on March 3, 2020 public testimony was heard which insinuated that the pond on the west side of Pine Lake, adjacent to the Pine Shores Development, could potentially be utilized as an outlet for Pine Lake through infiltration.  In response to that claim, LRE conducted the following activities:

  • Additional geotechnical investigation including soil borings and groundwater infiltration analysis was completed within the vicinity of the pond.
  • In-field infiltration testing was performed by the Barry County Drain Commissioner on June 11, 12, and 15.  The results of the in-field test were inconclusive and the temporary pumping operations were ordered to cease by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE).