• Original Submission to Transportation Unit. 
    • Submitted on 10/21/2019.
  • Submission to Water Resources Division: 
    • Submitted on 1/3/2020.
    • No response yet. 


  • Original Submission 1/5/2021.
  • Correction request received 2/2/2021.
  • Resubmitted 3/4/2021.
  • Correction request response letter attached.

 Pine Lake

  • Temporary Pumping Permit: 
    • Submitted on 8/14/2020.
    • Correction Request Received September 24, 2020.
    • Resubmitted 10/9/2020.
    • Correction Request Received November 6, 2020.
    • Resubmitted 11/16/2020
    • Permit Issued 1/13/2021

Doster Road Pond Infiltration Testing

The delegated authority (Barry County Drain Commissioner) conducted an infiltration test of the Doster Road pond from March 31 to April 5 using an 8-inch pump, which had a maximum pumping rate of 3000 GPM.  Per the approved EGLE permit, we were only allowed to pump the pond up to 890.5-feet (+/-).  The results indicated an average infiltration rate of approximately 0.30 cfs (~150 GPM).  If the pond were utilized as the primary outlet of the lake (with an average infiltration rate of 0.30 cfs) it would take approximately 3-months to draw down Pine Lake 1-inch (assuming no additional inflow).  Therefore, this option is not a feasible long term solution.  

Evaluate Additional Alternatives

We are currently evaluating three additional alternatives, two of which involve pumping excess water from Pine Lake to the Gun River watershed and the other involves a more promising area for infiltration, which could be a more cost-effective solution. We will be conducting additional field investigation including geotechnical analysis and infiltration testing over the next month to further evaluate the feasibility of these alternatives.

EGLE Permit

In order to obtain the necessary permits for any solution to draw-down water levels in Pine Lake, EGLE is mandating that we conduct a comprehensive review of potential environmental / ecological impacts to Pine Lake and connected wetlands.  As a result, LRE along with Streamside Ecological Services are currently conducting additional field work and data collection, including but not limited to:

  • Wetland Mapping / Characterization. 
  • Assessment of Aquatic Vegetation.
  • Identification of potential Threatened and Endangered Species.  

Shallow Lake/Wall Lake

3/6/2020 – Original Application Submitted

4/3/2020 – EGLE Issued Correction Request on MiWaters

7/2/2020 – Application resubmitted addressing correction request

GEI cleaned out the new section of the drain downstream of shallow Lake for free. 

Drain Maintenance staff cleared large debris from outlet of Wall Lake in the late  summer of 2020( one dock, several posts, two railroad ties, lily pad roots). 

Cloverdale M-43 Branch Drain

12/15/2020: Original Application Submitted by BCDC

01/08/2021: EGLE marks application incomplete citing need for MDOT Right of Way Permit prior to EGLE review

02/05/2021: MDOT Right of Way Application submitted


9/27/2019: Original Application submitted by BCDC

12/20/2019: EGLE adds correction requests to application on MiWaters

2/4/2020: BCDC updates MiWaters application 

2/28/2020: EGLE adds correction requests to application on MiWaters

2/28/2020: BCDC updates MiWaters application 

3/20/2020: EGLE adds correction requests to application on MiWaters 

3/20/2020: BCDC emails requested info to EGLE 

3/27/2020: EGLE issues formal correction request via email

7/3/2020: BCDC Responds to correction request with everything but the AIS Management Plan***

***Brian sent on July 3rd but EGLE said they didn’t receive until July ***

7/29/2020: BCDC send Draft AIS Management Plan to DNR

8/6/2020: BCDC send Draft AIS Management Plan to EGLE

8/24/2020: EGLE requests additional information regarding BCDC’s Correction Request response

9/25/2020: BCDC responds to EGLE’s request for additional information

9/25/2020: EGLE send correspondence stating that Draft AIS Management Plan submitted by BCDC is insufficient

11/13/2020: BCDC responds with updated AIS Management Plan

11/24/2020: EGLE provides additional questions and comments on updated AIS Management Plan

12/8/2020: BCDC responds to EGLE comments and questions

12/23/2020: EGLE issues permit for countersignature by BCDC

1/14/2021: BCDC requests modification and clarification to several conditions included with the draft permit

2/19/2021: EGLE issues revised permit for countersignature by BCDC

2/23/2021: Received final permit from EGLE on 3/19/21

Engineered drawings done 3/30/21

Bid for Cloverdale / Long Lake outlets in and awarded. 

Work to start after 5/3/21 and substantial completion by 6/30/21 (subject to material availability and weather)

Okay received from EGLE to do work in May and June. 

Day of Reviewed held 4/22/21. Many people attended. No appeals. 

Engineered drawings currently being finished up for Watson Drain project

 All necessary easements are on file. 

Tentatively, Day of Review for Watson/ Crooked Lake will be held in June. 

Pleasant Lake currently down 12 inches from summer of 2020. 

Crooked Lake at 927.15 as of 4/30/21. 

Clear Lake 

Petition project 95% complete.