A petition was filed with the Barry County Drain Commissioner on March 20, 2018 requesting maintenance and improvement of the Watson Drain. On May 7, 2018, the Board of Determination ordered that a project was necessary to alleviate the flooding in the area and revised the boundaries of the Drainage District. No appeals were filed and the time to appeal the Board’s determinations has passed. 

Since the Board of Determination, the Drain Commissioner has been working with an engineer to develop a solution to the ongoing flooding problems. A long-term solution has been developed, consisting of an infiltration-based system, and connecting to and utilizing detention within existing watercourses.  Once implemented, bids will be taken and a day of review of apportionments will be held where landowners and public corporations can review their percentage of the overall cost of the project. The final project will then be constructed. In the meantime, the Drain Commissioner and engineer have been implementing temporary solutions to provide immediate relief from the rising water levels.


On July 7, 2019 and July 11, 2019, the Barry County Board of Commissioners and Allegan County Board of Commissioners, respectively, passed resolutions authorizing the Allegan County Drain Commissioner and Barry County Drain Commissioner to exceed the $10,000 annual spending limit to explore options to bring the lake level down. 

Links to copies of the resolutions are below.