In July, BCDC submitted a response to a two-part correction request received from EGLE and DNR for the permit application that includes Upper Crooked Lake floodwater pumping and Cloverdale Lake and Long Lake outlet improvements. On August 24th, EGLE sent correspondence to BCDC requesting additional information, primarily related to the Delton Marsh and impacts to … Continue reading WATSON AND CLOVERDALE DRAINS UPDATE


Survey, Engineering, and Monitoring Activities: Survey of properties, including finished floor (FF) elevations, around the Lake was completed to identify flood-prone structures.  This information will be utilized to determine feasible outlet elevations for the Pine Lake Control Structure.Groundwater monitoring wells have been measured on a weekly basis to determine baseline groundwater elevations in the vicinity … Continue reading PINE LAKE UPDATE


Nine monitoring wells are scheduled to be installed adjacent to the Delton Road Infiltration Basin (“Jones Property”) starting in March.  These monitoring wells will allow for better understanding of the movement of infiltrated water once pumping from Upper Crooked Lake to the Infiltration Basin begins in Spring 2020.  These were requested by EGLE because of … Continue reading Update